Student Workload and Classroom Activities

On September 30th, we hosted the second meeting of the Flipped Lab focused on student workload and classroom activities. For the first part of the session we focused on student workload in relation to the flipped classroom approach. Francis Jones, Instructor Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science presented research that he completed with Sarah Harris on the relative workload reported by students within the department,  Draft Presentation.

As a pre-class activity we surveyed faculty attending the session about their perceptions of student workload for each of their classes. As indicated in fig. 1 below, perceived student workload per class ranged from 6 hours-13 hours.







When asked the appropriateness of student workloads per course the majority of faculty indicated that the student workload for their course was appropriate.

Perceived Student Workload

For the second part of the workshop, we held a modified open-space session that focused on classroom activities that faculty are integrating as part of the flipped classroom. We had a range of activities and speakers; the notes for the session have been compiled on the UBC Wiki

  • Fred Cutler, Political Science: Input and Discussion in Large Classes
  • Matt Yedlin, Applied Science, Just-in-Time-Teaching
  • Paul Carter, Computer Science, Small-group Activities Pre-class video (DIY)
  • Mark Maclean, Math, Invention Activities
  • Simon Bates, Physics, Classroom Discussion, Just-in-time teaching Discussions