Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom

Session Summary

On Tuesday, October 14th as part of the Flipped Lab network we explored the impact and effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom.

During the session Simon Bates, Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning, Academic Director,  Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Science discussed the overall impact of flipped approaches in teaching and learning.

Presentation Slides (PDF): Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Approach

James Cooke, Instructor, Faculty of Science shared his experience evaluating flipped classroom approaches in Biology.

Presentation Slides (PDF): How can we asses the effectiveness of our flipped classrooms

Andrea Han, Ido Roll and Adrianna facilitated group activities that explored approaches to evaluating flipped classroom, research on the impact of the flipped classroom and provided participants with an opportunity

Presentation Slides (PDF): Flipped Impact


As part of the session we compiled a resources focused on evaluating the impact of flipped classroom approaches. You can access the resources through the resource tab or by following this link https://flippedlab.learning.ubc.ca/research/

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