Teaching and Learning with Media: The What, Why and How

On January 20th, 2015 we hosted the second Flipped Lab network event for the year focussing on the role of media in teaching and learning. During this event we had the opportunity from faculty from a wide-variety of faculties and with a diverse level of experience using video and media in their teaching and learning practice. This was followed by an opportunity to discuss and explore considerations in using media in the context of teaching and learning at UBC with the session presenters and the Flipped Lab facilitators. Below you will find the presenters slides as well as links to videos and resources created by the presenters and other faculty at UBC.

Session Presentations

Matt Yedlin (Applied Science, Arts) Matt Yedlin discussed the role of students as creators in the development of a classroom video to engage students in the concept of exponential growth.

Session Slides (PDF) Media, The What, Why and How

Exponential Growth

Claudia Krebs (Medicine) Claudia discussed the production and use of videos focused on neuroanatomy videos that she is used in her teaching practice and are available open on the web.

Video: Neuroanatomy

Duncan McHugh (Land and Food Systems) Duncan described LFS 400, Audio-Storytelling, a course where students learn to produce podcasts

Session Slides: LFS 400

Video: Introduction to LFS 400

Amanda Musgrove (Science) Amanda described the development of videos for Chem 101

Session Slides (PDF): Media, Chem 101

Video: Probability

 Steven Barnes (Arts): 

Description: Steven Barnes Describes his DIY Media Project

Video: Epigenetic Mechanisms 

Videos from Facilitators

Michael Griffen

Simon Bates: Physics 101, Pencast


Videos used in Teaching and Learning at UBC

Candice Rideout: FNH 473 Video 1: Introduction to Health Behaviour Theories

Maja Krzik Soil Microorganisms: An Overview


Media Related Resources

DIY Media Site

UBC CTLT Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Using Media in Teaching and Learning,